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Is anybody using the Crary gold n cut guard system on their grain platform? Is it worth the money?

Verified FBN Member (ON, CAN)

It is a very good system you will not be disappointed. There is multiple guard selection available depending on conditions you face.

Verified FBN Member (IN)

Great thanks for the input

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we have these guards on our Macdon self propelled swather the guards are great but the old downs suck and came off on the same day. you need to die grind the MacDon poly skid shoes to get the guards to fit. time consuming to do but worth it.

Verified FBN Member (KS)

*** is the best I've run across. The roller guides are definitely worth it. When you put second sickle in reverse order of sections and you essentially have new guards too.

Verified FBN Member (MN)

I second going the SCH route.

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