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Fertilizer parts for Kinze 3600.

I’m looking for Kinze HD fertilizer single disk openers for 3600 planter. Complete unit preferably. Anyone know of a salvage yard that might have these or any other leads would be appreciated. Thanks!


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We have 8 HD single disk no-till disk openers we just took off


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cell# ************ if still interested

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We have some that we’re taken off if you still need them. 16 rows

Txt eightOsix 220 eightyeighteightyfive

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They have Kinzie parts and will ship.


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***** is the salesman that has contacts on used parts

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Just bought a used 3600 planter and just looking for a few to have for spares.


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How many are you looking for I have 12 hardly use


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I would be interested in 2 rights and 2 left but would possibly take them all if the price is right. How much do you want for them?

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