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Would you spray fungicide on late planted corn?

Most of our corn was planted June 2nd through the 8th. We switched to earlier varieties but I just know we will harvest it wet. Have been hearing reports of GLS and tar spot. Ours looks healthy yet but is just starting to silk. Do we spray and sacrifice drydown? Or just leave it alone?

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Im in southern IN. I will be spraying my late corn as I have gls showing up on untasseled corn above what will be the ear shoot already. Scouting is still the best tool for making an informed decision. If you typically see yield response in low/no disease pressure then still apply. No disease and no yield response in low pressure situations, then save some money. What would it do for stalk quality as it sits out there till late harvest window? other question to weigh, whats the 10day weather forecast. Happy scouting and decision making.

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