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We are looking to update our four wheel drive tractor . What is everyone's choice ??? USED

we are looking for a tractor to replace 1984 stieger 325 . Something that will handle 3000 acres. Powershift /PTO possible ?? Also need to travel down the road .

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We have had a JD 9400 that has been used and abused for 15 years now. It’s over 8500 hours now and pulls a 9 shank dominator in the fall and 48’ field cultivator in the spring. The trans and engine haven’t had any large issues. It has the 12 speed Powershift, but I wouldn’t suggest that. A quad would a little better with more speed options. So take a look at the 9000 series Deere. Might sound about what you are looking for.

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Case quad

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We’ve got a Deere 9410R for sale

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We use jd, all power shifts, currently with tires. I’d like to have tracks but they seem expensive. We just traded our 9410r for a 9470r. Not excited about def.

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Versatie 2375. Very simple machine if you prefer to do your own work.

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1000 series challenger or Fendt

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We have a Buhler Versatile 2290 turned up to 350. Very simple machine. No bells and whistles but easier to work on. Some parts can be hard to find if you don’t have a good New Holland dealership close by.

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If you have a certain hp you are looking for, I do custom ECU tuning for more HP.

In the past I have had customers looking for a certain HP and I have been able to point them in a direction to save some money between tractor models. (Buy lower hp tractor and add a safe HP tune to get it to acceptable hp)

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AK Diesel performance & tuning llc

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Stay away from the deer 30 series. They are notorious for shelling the water pumps and then blowing the motor up. Other than that I can't any are any better or worse than the rest.

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I would second this. No one could give me another one after having a 9430. we like Deere’s but I will never own another 4x4 one. Switched to the new style versatile and have been very happy so far.

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Have had 4 caseih Stx steiger series with very good luck. Biggest problem is def on the newer models

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I’ve got a Case STX330 I’d part with. It’d be a newer/updated version of what you currently have. Powershift, 3pt, & PTO. We like the tractor, it’s just more of a reducing debt issue.

Regardless I think anything in that hp range should handle what you’re after. Why not look at a MFWD like an JD 8530 or other color equivalent?

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We have a challenger mt845 been a great tractor with lots of power and traction also good hydraulics.

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Got a 450 quad track to sell

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