FBN℠ Profit Center Helps This Indiana Farmer Evaluate Current Bids for His Grain

Brian Paff

Aug 26, 2020

Many farmers know all too well that you can have your best crop and still not get your best returns if you can’t market it well.

The problem is, it’s seldom a simple, straightforward process to achieve the best possible return on investment for your grain. Tracking bids, calling elevators, getting text updates, monitoring price changes take up a lot of time and energy, and those are both scarce resources that could be a big help elsewhere in your operation.  

Our automated crop marketing tool, FBN Profit Center, aggregates daily cash bid data from more than 4,000 markets so you can quickly assess offers and the associated transportation costs for each—all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

While it may have been easier to just take your grain to the elevator down the road, we’ve observed that the best buyer—even accounting for transportation costs—is located more than 20 miles away more than 40 percent of the time.

With FBN Profit Center you have all of that information right in front of you, helping you identify the best overall potential return on investment for your operation.  

This Farmer Sees the Value of Agility in the Marketplace

Matt Johnson knows the importance of being able to make swift, confident decisions when it comes to marketing his grain.

“That market’s always moving,” says the Indiana farmer, “and you’ve got to be prepared to move with that market or miss those opportunities.”

Just a few years ago, Matt found himself managing his marketing activities and tracking prices using a pencil and a pad of paper. 

“I was wanting something that would give me that information quicker than I was getting it by writing it down,” he says.

Now he feels much more agile and well-equipped to respond to the markets. “Profit Center gives you the information you need to make informed decisions,” he says. “I can just real quick look and play scenarios out, up and down.”*

Are you equipped for the challenges you face?

The crop marketing insights built into Profit Center are just one of many data-driven solutions we’re delivering to farmers. Download our free report, The Future of the Family Farm, to learn more about ways we’re responding to challenges in today’s ag economy to put Farmers First®.

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Brian Paff

Aug 26, 2020