Do You Know How Much Your Farmland Is Worth?

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Nov 11, 2022

Do you know how much your farmland is worth? 

FBN®’s latest publication, the Illinois Farmland Values Report (Fall 2022), provides timely, data-driven insights about Illinois land markets and valuations to empower you in future farmland transactions both in Illinois and other states. 

Unlike any other land valuation publication, FBN’s new report delivers deep insights into broad U.S. market conditions based on multiple data points, including: 

  • Soil quality

  • Land productivity

  • Historical ag yield data 

  • Real estate transaction records

The report is the first in a new series of biannual FBN reports that will be published for a wide swath of U.S. states in the coming months. Because land values change over time, it’s important for farmers to have access to the most timely data available to make informed, effective decisions for their operation. 

By downloading the free report, you’ll unlock access to expert analysis on potential land valuations for farms within nine different Illinois regions to compare to your own local and state land market. The Illinois Farmland Values Report (Fall 2022) includes regionally specific data for the following areas: 

  • Eastern Illinois

  • East Southeastern Illinois

  • Northeastern Illinois

  • Northwestern Illinois

  • Southeastern Illinois

  • Southwestern Illinois

  • Western Illinois

  • West Southwestern Illinois

  • Central Illinois

Farmland is an essential asset for most farmers in terms of value and importance for their long-term success. At FBN, our team of data scientists and appraisers puts Farmers First® by continuously monitoring the farmland market to provide transparent, timely and actionable insights. We believe that delivering trusted reporting is essential to creating a better farmland marketplace that’s more fair for farmers — whether buying, selling, or refinancing. 

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FBN Network

Nov 11, 2022

Download the Illinois Farm Land Values Report (Fall 2022)

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