10 Ways to Unlock Deals on FBN®

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When managing seasonal income, fluctuating commodity prices, and inflation, keeping farm operating costs low is often top of mind. At FBN we help you maximize your purchasing power with transparent pricing on inputs and great rates on financing from FBN Finance. 

Here are 10 ways you can unlock deals on FBN.

1. Become an FBN Member

Unlike some other big box stores that make you purchase membership, FBN offers free membership to all farmers. We understand that many times the odds are stacked against family farmers so we are working to level the playing field to put Farmers First®.

Join more than 75,000 other farmers and:

  • Unlock access to powerful digital agronomic tools that can help your ag operation become more efficient

  • Get unprecedented transparency through data-driven insights that can help you make informed financial decisions

  • Receive exclusive emails that help you stay up to date on the latest product offerings and deals available on FBN

Become an FBN Member

2. Shop the Dedicated FBN Deals and Promotions Page

Find exclusive input offers on our newly launched FBN Deals page. We regularly update the page with limited-time clearance offerings, crop protection and nutrition product deals, and special offers on animal health essentials. Consider bookmarking it to check back often to find what you need at a price that helps your bottom line. 

3. Look for the Promotions & Offers Carousel 

When looking for products on the FBN Shop page or other product category pages, be sure to scroll down to find the Promotions & Offers carousel to see time-sensitive promotions on a wide variety of our popular products. Use the arrow at the bottom to scroll through them all to find the promotion that best fits your needs. 

4. Schedule Direct-to-Farm Delivery

Once you’ve selected the products you’d like to purchase, schedule your order to be delivered directly to your farm. FBN provides free delivery for qualifying animal health and crop input purchases. 

5. Refer a Friend

We believe in rewarding our customers. We’re currently offering a $500 FBN store credit to customers who refer a friend. Find out how to refer a friend here.

6. Manage Bids

Harness the power of data to help maximize your profitability and minimize risk. When you use the FBN app, you can connect with your grain buyers and manage bids. View 150 million grain bids that span as far back as 1998. When you add the data from your farm, you can generate a personalized view of the market. 

7. Buy Used Ag Equipment Through the FBN Forum

Because farm equipment can be a costly investment, farmers often prefer to snag a deal on gently used machinery. You can shop the “For Sale” section of the FBN Forum to find ag equipment such as seed treaters, planters, and combines. Verified FBN members post descriptions and photographs of equipment available for purchase, and you can even reach out to them directly to follow up with questions. 

8. Use AcreVision℠ to Find a Deal on Farmland

AcreVision is a free digital tool from FBN Finance that brings transparency to the farmland purchasing process. Discover recent competitive land sales where you’re looking to purchase to know if the parcel you’re considering is overpriced or a deal you should snag immediately. You can also view details on the parcel’s crop history, soil, terrain, and more for objective insight on whether it could be a profitable investment for your goals.

9. Refinance Your Farm Through FBN Finance

Did you purchase your farm when mortgage rates were high? Now may be a good time to get a better deal by refinancing. FBN Finance offers great rates, and our customers often save thousands of dollars*. To date, we’ve helped 2,400+ farmers with more than $2 billion in financing, and our loan advisors — many of whom are also farmers — are available to answer questions about how our financing solutions could potentially help you too. Get your customized quote here.

10. Get a 0.5% Interest Rate Rebate with a Regenerative Agriculture Operating Line

In addition to helping to reduce farm costs and maximize crop yield, implementing regenerative ag practices can also get qualifying farmers a 0.5% interest rebate** on an approved Regenerative Agriculture Finance Operating Line from FBN Finance. We are proud to offer one of the first American agricultural financing initiatives that incentivize farmers to use regenerative agriculture practices. Learn more about the program here.

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