Land Bridge Loans from FBN® Finance

Secure Ag land financing in a matter of weeks to buy farm land faster.

Expedited Farm Land Financing

You could obtain financing in as soon as 3 weeks. We understand time sensitivity in purchasing land and developed this product to help bridge the gap.

Why Use a Bridge Loan?

  • Get the cash one needs quicker.

  • Close on your Ag land loans in less time.

  • Compete against cash offers.

  • Negotiate a better price.

How is a Bridge Loan Different from a Traditional Land Loan?

  • Bridge loans are shorter term loans, no longer than 6 months.

  • Within 6 months of having the Bridge Loan the anticipated next steps are to refinance out of this loan and into a traditional land loan.

Why Use FBN Finance?

  • Simple transition from bridge to traditional.

  • Variety of fixed and variable rate options.

  • Exceptional service.

  • Farmers First.

  • 100% Ag focused.


Bridge Loan Requirements

1. Loans up to $2 million.

2. Loan-to-value (LTV) up to 60%.

3. Terms up to 6 months.

4. Finance land acquisitions.

5. Must be eligible for conventional land financing.

6. See FAQs for additional restrictions | current availability.



Our Bridge Loan is a short-term land loan (no longer than 6 months) that acts as initial cash for loans up to $2M. Applicants who qualify for a traditional loan through FBN Finance have access to a Bridge Loan to help avoid common appraisal delays and help simplify the land purchase.

Dryland and no major improvements.

Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

We currently allow up to 60% LTV.