Crop Nutrition & Biology: Where (and When) to Start?

Colin Pennington

Apr 03, 2023

Every season crops are planted with hopes of reaching their full genetic yield potential. Nearly every year, plants struggle to reach this potential due to many external factors outside of a grower’s control.

Growers do, however, have control of supplementing their crops with products to help support plant health that ultimately can help minimize these yield robbing events. FBN® has a quality lineup of crop nutrition products from the FARMERS FIRST™ brand that are made to help support plants throughout the growing season. 

When selecting what products to use and when, it’s important to understand what factors you are trying to impact. All biological products are rooted in one common purpose: protecting yield potential. Within a plant's yield potential, there are two core functions biology can help achieve: 

  • Enhanced nutrient availability & efficiency

  • Mitigating abiotic stress

There are seemingly endless options to choose from when entering the world of biology, but here are a few recommendations on where to start:

In-Furrow Fertilizer Applications

Nutrients and fertilizers applied alone can be tied up in the soil and unavailable to be utilized by plants. There are several options available to help increase nutrient efficiency, storage and availability in the beginning stages of the season.  

Starter Replacement

Inhabit P™ is a high-efficiency liquid starter replacement to help improve phosphorus availability & reduce tie-up. Inhabit P keeps phosphate highly soluble and resistant to tie up in conditions with clay, metal ions, calcium, high pH, waterlogging, cold soil, and other difficult conditions. The product should be applied at 2-4 qts/acre and be mixed 10:1 with water.

In 2022, Inhabit P showed ROI-positive results in 90% of Innovators Research League trials across 11 states, 1,600 acres and 7,200 subplots.* Inhabit P used at a rate of 2 quarts/acre performs equally to the standard 5 gallon/acre rate of most competitive starters helping growers save more time, money and storage space while maintaining yield and increasing ROI.* 

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Starter and Sidedress Enhancement

Already purchased your starter fertilizer and want to make it more efficient? Inhabit Boost™ is a low rate, high efficiency micro-humate derived from a unique source of leonardite that buffers soils and improves water holding capacity and nutrient efficiency in soils and fertilizers.  Inhabit Boost tank mixes well with most fertilizers (a jar test is recommended) and can also be applied at sidedress if preferred. Inhabit Boost should be applied at 16-32 oz/acre or 1 qt/40 gal.

Soil Probiotics such as Inject-Myco ADV™ that can increase root mass in low phosphorus environments, and Inject-N ADV™ that can fix nitrogen in low nitrate soils are additional options as live microbe add-ons. 

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Watch Now: The Value of Biology

See more of the science behind the FARMERS FIRST™ brand of biological and crop nutrition products by watching this video about the value of biology.

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Colin Pennington

Apr 03, 2023