How to Shop FBN®’s Animal Health Store

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FBN makes it convenient to get animal health products, including livestock prescriptions, delivered directly to your farm or ranch. Our comprehensive portfolio includes dewormers, anti-inflammatories, reproductive products, vaccines, and more to help keep your livestock healthy and profitable.

In this blog, learn:

Watch Now: How to Order Animal Health Products on FBN

Watch this short video to learn how to easily order animal health products online with FBN or continue reading below.

How to Order Animal Health Products

Click here to jump directly to the Animal Health page, or continue reading for instructions on how to locate the page.

Step 1: Enter the Product You Want to Purchase or Search the Animal Health Page

If you know the name of the product you want to purchase, a key ingredient, or the general product type (such as “reproductive”), you can type it directly into either of the search bars on the FBN homepage.

If you prefer to search by category, in the menu at the top of the FBN platform, select Shop, and then select Animal Health.

Click here to jump directly to the Animal Health page.

When you click on Animal Health, you can select the category you want from the drop-down menu on the left or by selecting an icon on the page. Animal Health categories include:

When you navigate to a product page, you will be able to see key product details like specifications and instructions. 

Step 2: Compare Similar Products

In the logged-in member experience, you can see product comparisons so you can make an informed purchasing decision. For the most accurate price comparison, compare the price per mL between the products. 

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout

Add the items you would like to purchase to your cart, review your desired quantity, and then click the button to Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4: Provide Delivery Instructions 

Select your delivery method. You can have Animal Health products delivered directly to your farm or ranch.

Select when you would like your delivery scheduled. Delivery speed for Animal Health products may include:

  • I need it later: Select a deliver-by date

  • Flex Delivery: Keep prices low for all farmers by giving us a little more time to deliver your order.

  • Standard Delivery: Your entire order will be delivered fast and efficiently.

Inform us of any special order instructions. For example, if you have a vacation coming up, you can let us know not to deliver on those specific dates.

Step 5: Choose Your Payment Method

You can make your purchase with an ACH bank transfer, credit card, check, or input only financing*. 

When you use an ACH transfer or credit card, payment is instant. Paying by check incurs additional processing time, which will impact the delivery schedule. 

You can also apply for input only financing. If you prefer to use this payment method, the website will automatically direct you to an application after checkout. Input only financing is a fixed rate, non-revolving line of credit of $10,000 to $500,000 to pay for FBN inputs only and is subject to approval. Selecting this option helps provide capital to qualified applicants who have time to proceed through the application process. 

Multi-function livestock and crop operations are often a good fit for a farm operating line of credit. Learn about farm operating lines here.*

Step 6: Submit Your Order

After you submit your order, you can keep check its status on the FBN platform by logging into your account on your computer or through the FBN mobile app. Select the Orders page located under the Shop tab to view the order, see the tracking number, and get delivery details.

How to Order Prescription Livestock Products

Our pharmacy team makes ordering prescription products convenient for farmers and ranchers.

Click here to download our free one-pager How to Order Prescription Products at

Step 1: Add Your Animal Health Products to Your Cart

Animal health products that require a prescription are identified by a gray RX clipboard icon on the product page.

Tech screen(s) shown for illustrative purposes only. All prices, rates, and promotions subject to change.

Step 2: Select Your Shipping Method

After you add the prescription product(s) to your cart, select your shipping method. We can deliver prescription livestock products directly to your farm, saving you a trip to the pharmacy. Choose a day that is convenient for your schedule.

Step 3: Choose Your Payment Method

We offer three payment methods: credit card, ACH transfer, and extended terms*.

When you use your credit card or an ACH transfer, payment is instant. 

Extended terms offer financial flexibility when managing seasonal income. We understand that the ability to access capital when you need it can help you care for your livestock and scale your operation. At checkout, you can apply for a line of credit and continue on to the checkout process.

Step 4: Add Your Veterinarian Information

Our pharmacy team will reach out to your veterinarian to secure any necessary prescriptions on your behalf, so that you can focus on the immediate needs of your farm instead of spending time making calls to busy vets. Indicate the livestock operation(s) the prescription is for, and then add your preferred veterinarian’s contact details. We’ll take care of the rest.

Step 5: Submit Your Order

Once you submit your order, we’ll begin preparing to ship it to you. If your prescription products require refrigeration, we’ll pack them in thermal boxes alongside frozen gel packs. These items will be delivered to your farm or ranch within 48 hours.

How to Access Animal Health Deals and Discounts 

The FBN Deals page helps you easily find our best offers on livestock products.  To find these discounts, in the main menu bar at the top of the FBN platform click Deals. From there, you can filter by Animal Health or sort alphabetically by product name.

Click here to jump directly to the Animal Health section of the Deals page.

Shop Animal Health on FBN

FBN is a one-stop shop for your ag operation. We offer animal health and animal feed, as well the crop protection and crop nutrition you need for your field. 

Pricing is always transparent when you shop on FBN. On a mission to power the prosperity of family farmers, we maintain a low overhead and strong vendor relationships so that we can offer competitive pricing.

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